Practical Tips for Young Families Moving to Sunshine West, Australia

Moving to Sunshine West with your family sometime soon? Congratulations for making the right decision! Sunshine West in Melbourne is a good place to start a family. For the past few years there have been many projects done to improve the suburb and enhance the overall lifestyle of the residents. For instance there are more food places now than before and there are a lot of Sunshine West childcare options available, like Future Super Stars Early Learning Centres. Here are some practical tips you could follow to help you in adjusting to your new life in Sunshine West:

  • Secure a simple but comfortable home – For the past few years many young families are moving to Sunshine West because it is fairly easy to get a nice house to live in. Median house price in this suburb is around $400,000. You could furnish your house by visiting some of the appliance and furniture shops around. Consider going for bargain items that are still in good quality. This way you can save up some money for other family expenses.
  • Enroll your kids in a reputable daycare – When it comes to your kids’ education, you can rely on reputable Sunshine daycare options, like Future Super Stars Early Learning Centres. You could make a list of the options available and then visit their offices so you can do an ocular inspection of their facilities and inquire about daycare rates. Aside from placing your kids in a Sunshine preschool or daycare, make sure to support their educational needs by helping them in their school work whenever possible.
  • Develop and practice wise shopping habits – Take every opportunity to maximize your money’s worth by practicing wise shopping habits, such as making grocery lists, looking for inexpensive but good quality alternatives, and taking advantage of retail promos and discount deals. Buy gifts or items during off-peak season.
  • Adopt a practical eating lifestyle – In order to save more money, be open to practical eating alternatives such as preparing your work lunch instead of eating out, dining on fancy restaurants only during special occasions, and even growing your own fruits and vegetables. Keep on doing these simple yet practical tricks and you’ll soon discover that not only are you able to save money, but you’re also developing a healthier eating lifestyle too.
  • Take simple but relaxing vacations – Don’t forget to take a break from school and office work once in a while! Take your family to simple yet relaxing vacations which all family members will love. Try to explore the parks, playgrounds and other interesting spots in Sunshine West. You can also try having a staycation and just relax in one of the hotels in the area with your whole family instead of going somewhere far.

Starting a new life at Sunshine West may seem overwhelming at first, but if you do it right it can be truly exciting and rewarding. You will need to exert an effort at building your new life during the first few weeks of your stay but you will eventually get the hang of it. For options on daycare for your kids, go online for some lists or visit Future Super Stars Early Learning Centres.

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Challenges Ahead in Getting Vacant Residential Plots in Sunshine Coast, Australia

Looking for a suitable vacant land in Australia for the construction of a home is one of the greatest and challenging tasks of your life. True to the noted principles of economics, scarcity of vacant land has created more demand for land. Naturally, this has caused a further increase in the cost of vacant lands. In order to meet this increasing demand for new lands Sunshine Coast currently offers, the Government of Australia has recently approved an apartment project valued at AUD 60 million.

New Projects

In addition to this, a new beach city located very close to Sunshine Coast University hospital has also been started. This housing project is expected to cost around AUD 174 million. This housing complex comprises of both two bedrooms and single bedroom housing plots. Such housing projects have been able to marginally offset the demand for new lands Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Contain the Demand

In fact, few of the suburbs in places like Caloundra in Sunshine Coast have been developed at a cost of about AUD 5 billion. In fact, by developing such suburbs, the Government of Australia hopes to meet the housing needs of about 50000 families and thereby contain the increasing demand for new lands Sunshine Coast has today.

Buy and Build Offer

In fact, the new land Sunshine Coast currently offer has been further apportioned into residential blocks of varying dimensions. The real estate firms that have bought these lands have started marketing the individual residential plots to prospective buyers. For the convenience of prospective buyers, the real estate firms have been offering these lands under the unique buy and build proposal. Check Pelican Waters for more details.

Unique Offer

Under this offer, you will buy the vacant land from the real estate firm for your new Caloundra homes, Thereafter, the real estate firm will undertake construction of your dream home according to the customized plan which you have approved. This could be a useful offer because you will get the services of both the architect and the builder under one roof.

Development of Sunshine Coast

It was in 2012 that Sunshine Coast Council chalked out a plan of action for the economic development of this area. Thereafter, several development activities like improvement in infrastructure, establishment of industries and such other activities were undertaken.  In fact, these development activities actually increased the demand for housing to an unprecedented level.

Demography and Location

A report by the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Council highlights the fact that development of infrastructure that has taken place in Sunshine coast has actually further fuelled the demand for homes and vacant lands. In addition to this, the development of infrastructure has also affected the demographic factors. Further, because of the fast developing infrastructure, many have started relocating to the Sunshine Coast. All these factors have actually further fuelled the demand for homes and vacant lands in Sunshine Coast. All these highlights the fact that finding suitable vacant residential plots or new homes Sunshine Coast offers is quite a challenging task.


Given the increasing demand, it is very difficult to find a suitable residential plot or home in Sunshine Coast. Given this situation, the ideal remedy would be to look for reliable and experienced real estate firms like the Such firms will ensure that you get suitable vacant land or home at an affordable price.