Love and Loss: Aged Care Coping Strategies

Increased life expectancy and aged population are parts of human advancements. In 2031, most people will be aged 65 and above. As medical technology improves, lives are also being prolonged and sustained. However, with evolutionary achievement, new problems also pop everywhere. One of them is the aged care burden on the older generation’s children. Naturally, this causes a ripple of demands for aged care agencies. If you’re in Brisbane, AU, you can see the evidence such as the increase of agencies for aged care Parkinson has today.

All people age inevitably, but to age in the modern times is a different story. The aged care burden is not only taking its toll on immediate children’s financial status but also on their emotional well-being. Conflicts that weren’t there before may arise, such as identity crisis. For example, an aged person’s adult child may get confused on the new responsibilities they have now. The ones who used to protect them are now vulnerable—they now need special attention and care.

Sending Mum or Dad to Aged Care

The transition time, the day of admission, pre-respite visits—they all challenge the carers’ spirits. Families often battle guilt and draw a lot of setbacks. There are instances when you want to back down from sending your parents to agencies for aged care Parkinson has today, and instead settle down for respite Parkinson aged care agencies offer these days. Changes like this make it difficult for families to rationalize and reach a firm decision while creating new problems.

How can you prevent conflict? You can’t—it’s inevitable. But you can, however, learn how to manage your newfound stress.


Maybe you’re one of those adult children who are squeamish in expressing emotions. But you have to face it—love is what your aged parents need. For some, it’s expressed in words; but for most, it’s shown through actions. What adult children need to realize is how to balance both.

Expressing how you love your parents can be as simple as greeting them, asking how they feel, and giving a small, nice comment. It doesn’t necessarily come in “I love you’s” to your parents. Meanwhile, showing how you love your aged parents through your actions can vary. There’s a paradox in thinking that sending them to aged care is akin to doing them a favor, but it’s also making you guilty of “abandoning” them. What can you do to ease feelings of guilt, anger, and disappointment?

This may seem contradictory—but loving an aged parent needs rationalizing. Aged parents need your empathy. Wake up. Their behavior is absolutely reasonable and justifiable. Remember that they’re usually not capable like before, so you should empathize. If your aged parents can’t take care of themselves in simple tasks, why get annoyed? How critical is buttoning a dress shirt? As simple and as complicated it may sound, all you need is love.


Like aging, loss is inevitable. No matter how many times you prepare yourself and rehearse how to feel, the pain will always come for you. Like love, loss is also difficult to incorporate—an aftermath—but it’s a more conscious experience. Feeling loss can be as violent as when you heard the news that they’re gone.

One bitter pill to swallow is the fact that most deaths in aged people often occur in nursing homes. If you live in surrounding suburbs near Parkinson, a good aged care Parkinson agencies have these days offer palliative care. Palliative care is a peaceful way of treating a patient where its morals are based on acceptance of the reality of the patient’s situation.

The personal aged care Parkinson has today also includes services such as 24/7 nursing care and visitation any time of the day in case you want to participate in your parents’ palliative treatment.

The aged care Parkinson has today for Southern Brisbane suburbs’ residents practice relationship-focused approach. It’s important for adult children to know this once the inevitable happens. One of the many ways you can cope with loss is to take action and be with others. A nursing home Parkinson has today like Arcare has in-house meetings and counseling you might want to join.

Love and Loss

Coping with loss can never be done overnight. It’s a process. Remembering the love you shared with your aged parents may validate the loss that you feel. See more

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